Tuesday, August 4, 2015

So Did You Go to Fancy Farm?

I took a pass, as apparently a lot of people did. My sense was that neither party was all that excited about going. That's because there is a dearth of excitement about each party's respective ticket.

My kids went, and their take was that Sen.Majority Leader Mitch McConnell gave the best speech.  They loved the selfie he gave to outgoing Gov. Steve Beshear. Payback for Beshear's tacky stunt last year.

As for those seeking office this year, many thought Allison Joy Ball, Republican candidate for Treasurer, gave a very good speech.  Allison is a consistently good communicator. She is also probably the smartest candidate running for state-wide office this year. She is a real conservative, a nice person and a fighter. Treasurer is sort of a dumb office; it is a waste of her talents. But it is a good place for Allison to get some experience in public service to set her up for a more substantive office in the future.

From what my kids and others tell me, the crowd was mystified by Matt Bevin's speech. The Pledge of Allegiance is a beautiful thing. I am all for it. However, requesting everyone to say it -- not at the beginning of the event, but rather at the beginning of Bevin's speech -- is just odd.

It was also peculiar, and rather petulant, for Bevin to come to Fancy Farm and complain about the coarseness of politics, the silliness of the attacks, and otherwise lecture his audience like he's Miss Manners. Does Bevin think we don't remember his speech last year?   If he's had an epiphany about what should constitute the tone of political discourse, than why go to Fancy Farm at all?

Jack Conway continues his downward spiral as a candidate. The most remarkable thing about Conway is that his talent for campaigning is getting worse over time, with each passing election. That said, he may still win.

I will vote for Bevin. Indeed, I will vote straight ticket. But as I look at our choices for governor, I am reminded of all those many lists in which Kentucky comes in near the bottom. (Thank God for Mississippi).  I am hoping that Bevin can step it up and generate some enthusiasm and a sense of optimism that Kentucky can do better.

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