Sunday, August 23, 2015

Why Won't Bevin Endorse Rand?

I have tried to respect Ronald Reagan's 11th Commandment by not criticizing Matt Bevin.  He won the primary, and I will vote for him as our party's nominee.  The fact that I will vote straight ticket will make it easier.

Bevin's recent refusal to endorse Sen. Rand Paul's presidential bid bothers me enough that I will break the 11th Commandment.

Rand is our native son and Republicans here should back him, including Bevin.  It's a matter of loyalty to our own.

I was particularly disturbed that Bevin sought the opportunity to appear with Rand and then, when asked, declined to endorse Rand. It struck me as ungrateful and discourteous.

If Bevin is going to take the position that he will not endorse anyone, including Rand, then don't appear with Rand.  Indeed, I would be surprised if Rand invites him to appear with him again any time soon.

Is Bevin going to turn down endorsements, since he won't give any?

Bevin doesn't want to be beholden to anyone, and to some reasonable extent, that's laudable.  But independence, taken to an extreme, seems prideful.

That's fine that Bevin doesn't need our money; it frees us up to donate to our outstanding down-ticket candidates. However, Bevin refuses to take advice from longstanding Republicans who sincerely would like to help him win.

 Bevin's a smart guy, but he gives the impression that he thinks he is too smart to listen to anyone. That lack of humility may haunt him.  How will he ever get good people to work in a Bevin administration?


Joyce Stanton said...

Really Bridget???

I've supported many Republican candidates that I can't stand, including Mitch McConnell last year. As an Establishment Republican, you really care about Rand Paul? It sounds like you are just looking for an excuse to hurt a Republican candidate that the Establishment and Mitch don't like. Okay, but I promise you, if Bevin loses because Republicans abandon him, it will hurt the Kentucky GOP for years. Andy Barr, another Establishment Republican, will need my vote in 2016 and many state house candidates will need the votes of people like me too for the GOP to take the House in 2016. If Bevin is abandoned, these votes won't be there.

Bridget M. Bush said...

Actually, I represented Sen. Paul in the Supreme Court on the Obamacare challenge. I am a huge fan. I,too, have supported many Republicans I did not like and will continue to do so. However, by not endorsing Sen. Paul, Bevin is needlessly alienating people who were inclined to support him.