Tuesday, February 2, 2016

How About That Turnout!

As I had anticipated, the polling was way off. Trump's supporters are just baffled as a result. I feel bad for them, particularly those who are new to politics. I hope they remain engaged.

Trump's results offer a cautionary tale: organization still matters.

How fascinating that Bernie tied Hillary. This is the Clinton Machine, after all. The guy isn't even a Democrat. And yet he tied her. That does not bode well for Hillary.

The historically high turnout suggests there is a hunger for change from Hope and Change. I predict New Hampshire will also see high turnout.

Marco Rubio's showing in third place -- almost bumping off Trump for second -- shows that this is now a three-person race on the Republican side. Things are starting to coalesce. I'd therefore respectfully disagree with the remaining Republican candidates who suggest that the race is "wide open." It is not.

One of the biggest stories of last night did not occur in Iowa. Rubio scored a coveted endorsement from Sen. Tim Scott from South Carolina.

Scott recently spoke at the McConnell Center at University of Louisville, where I had the privilege of meeting him. What a great guy- smart, funny engaging, strong faith, conservative. He has a bright future in this party. And I think he -- like Rubio -- can do much to broaden the appeal of the Republican Party to minorities whom Democrats have taken for granted for too long, and for whom progressive policies have been a disaster.

The South Carolina primary, to my mind, is much more important that Iowa or New Hampshire. Rubio's odds of winning South Caroline just went way up. That's a good thing.

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