Friday, October 28, 2016

Paducah Sun Right About McConnell

A thoughtful piece in today's Paducah Sun on Senate Majority Leader's appropriate focus, reads in part:

McConnell is pursuing the only rational path. He is disowning the Trump disaster and focusing on trying to preserve the Republican majority in the Senate. Politico reported this week that the Senate Leadership Fund, a superpac with close ties to McConnell, is putting $25 million into seven Senate races viewed as critical to the balance of power in the chamber next year.
Conservatives everywhere had best hope these efforts are successful. Democratic Sen. Harry Reid, currently the minority leader, has said Democrats will invoke the "nuclear option" to approve Supreme Court nominees next year if they gain the Senate majority. By that Reid means his colleagues will rescind a longstanding Senate rule effectively requiring 60 votes for a nominee to be approved rather than a simple majority. Reid's Democrats did just that with lower-court appointees when last they ruled the Senate. But they stopped short of doing so with Supreme Court nominees.
If that changes, Hillary Clinton will be in a position to put whomever she wants on the court, including nominees whose views would never have survived Senate scrutiny under the current system.
Unfortunately Trump has made saving the Senate a tall task for the GOP. But McConnell has chosen to fight from the best hill he can find, the only one that gives him a chance to fend off a Clinton White House

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