Tuesday, November 1, 2016

West End Screwed Out of Its Walmart

How sad that the Walmart planned for West Louisville is now officially dead. The elites have won -- notwithstanding that most members of the community who would have been directly affected by the construction of a new Walmart wanted it.

But no, the East End snobs who think they know better than the little people had to intervene to make sure it aesthetically pleased them.

Please, the people who file these sort of law suits don't need a job at Walmart and probably have never  even shopped in one.

This Walmart would have brought 300 jobs to an area of Louisville that desperately needs jobs. Complain all you want about the minimum wage, or what Walmart pays, or what its store front looks like, but for a teenager in the West End with no work history, this was a chance to make some money and earn a reference for a better job in the future.

And it would have provided residents with a place to shop that offered the steep discounts of economy of scale. All within their neighborhood, in a neighborhood where transportation is an issue because many are too poor to afford cars.

The efforts to prevent the West End Walmart, which have now succeeded, are just another chapter in the tragedy of our inner cities.

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