Thursday, November 3, 2016

Cautiously Optimistic About the State House

Trump's 20-plus point lead in Kentucky is likely to help some Republican candidates for state rep. That's particularly true in Eastern Kentucky, where Hillary Clinton's anti-coal comments have made her reviled.

Estimates range from Republicans getting a slim majority of 51 in the state house to more optimistic projections of 58. If the more conservative predictions are correct, it is likely that Republicans could get a few Democrat representatives to flip, should the GOP take the majority. That's why it is so important to help those Dems who have already switched.

The Republican Party of Kentucky and outside groups that share its goals have wisely put money into Denny Butler's and Jim Gooch's races. These guys took a risk switching parties, and Republicans should (and are) back them up.

Denny has a tough district, in terms of registration. And Trump is not as popular there as he is in other parts of the state. Still, Denny is well-known and liked, and his law and order message is timely.

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Ripper said...

I hope Denny Butler tries again in two years. He took a bold move in switching and I hope the local GOP does not forget it and works with him to come back in the next election. He deserves it.