Monday, November 21, 2016

Congressman Comer Settling In

I ran in to Congressman Jamie Comer at Reagan National on Friday, flying back to Kentucky. Comer has  already been sworn in, due to Former Congressman Ed Whitfield's resignation before the election. That early swearing-in gives Comer seniority over all the newly-elected members of Congress -- a huge advantage, given that 60 members were just elected, and Comer is now senior to all of them.

Comer said that he will move into his new office in about a week. In the meantime, he is using former Congressman Ed Whitfield's office.

From a distance, I watched Comer interact with a number of Kentuckians who approached him to offer their congratulations. None of these people lived in his district, but Comer could not have been more gracious. I saw him give his card to two U of L students and offer to help them if they need anything.

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