Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Election Results - More than We Could Ask For or Imagine

I am profoundly grateful for so many answered prayers. I feel like our Commonwealth and our country have stepped back from an abyss. I have not felt this optimistic about the future in a long time.

The Kentucky House Flips!

As you can see above, I predicted the state house would flip, but I did not expect this number of wins. Unlike the U.S. Senate, the Kentucky House does not have a filibuster, so there is no real need to get 60 votes. Except for this: we now have a cushion that will permit Republicans to disagree with a given bill without tanking it. That will be important, for example, to Republicans in heavy union districts who would be uncomfortable voting for right to work.

Right to work would not be possible with a slim Republican majority. The voters elected a super majority, however, and this will allow for broad, transformational change to allow Kentucky to finally compete with neighboring states.

Coupled with the bold leadership of Gov. Bevin and the talented leaders he's assembled, we are poised for historic, once in a century reform.

For anyone who is a parent, we now have an opportunity to make Kentucky a place that can offer our children a reason to stay here.

And to take down Greg Stumbo! I'm always awestruck that he can find his way home to his district to vote for himself. Now he is relieved of the burden of pretending he lives there.

Special congratulations to Jonathan Shell who did an outsanding job in candidate recruitment.

We Hold the U.S. Senate!

Given the map Republicans had to defend, this was always dicey. Next election will be much easier and give Republicans an opportunity to expand the majority, hopefully to 60.

Congratulations to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and the NRSC.  McConnell's decision to delay a vote on Justice Scalia's successor until after the election has now been vindicated.

And we got another Randslide! Congratulations to Sen. Paul; we are proud of you and grateful for your service.  Factoid:  Sen. Paul was the only senator to vote against the confirmation of James Comey.

A Republican President!

Well done, Donald Trump. He understood that ordinary citizens are enraged at the elites and sick and tired of the condescension, the political correctness, and the erosion of the American Dream.

This will be the first time in my life time that we have a Republican president and control both Houses of Congress. The possibilities are staggering.

Obamacare can finally be repealed and replaced with something that allows for competition to reduce prices.

The Supreme Court and the rule of law are safe for another generation.

God has once again blessed America.

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