Wednesday, March 29, 2017

GOP Keeps Cronyism Amendment

Looks like the Republicans in Frankfort have gone native. The conference committee is apparently going to keep the amendment that would exempt litigation from landfills from the requirement of posting a bond for the appeal.

That is shameful.

As I wrote about previously, Jerry Miller had drafted a terrific bill (HB 72) that would force someone who is trying to use litigation to prevent development -- like the West End Wal-Mart -- to have some skin in the game before they file a frivolous appeal after losing at trial.

Bizarrely, Damon Thayer added an amendment to exempt litigation that challenges the creation, operation or expansion of a landfill. The Senate passed the bill with the amendment, which necessitated a conference committee to reconcile the two versions.

The House could have killed the bill altogether upon its return, but instead is going to keep the amendment.

Why are Republicans giving special treatment to litigation for one industry? This is not equal protection under the laws. This is crony capitalism.  Today, the winners are enviro-wackos -- or perhaps competitors of existing landfill operators.

This does little to convince that Kentucky is "open for business." It looks like the same old corrupt favoritism that we have come to expect from the Democrats. How discouraging.

Governor Bevin should veto this hot mess.

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