Friday, March 24, 2017

Pass Repeal and Replace Already

This bill may well be a merde burger. But Republicans have had seven years to get their act together on what the replacement for Obamacare will look like. Does anyone seriously believe that another month will make for a better product?

People across the political spectrum are unhappy with the bill -- which leads me to conclude it's probably pretty good. If just the Freedom Caucus was upset with it, I'd be more worried. However, moderates and liberals don't like it either. If everyone's mad, that's probably a reflection of the fact that it is a decent compromise.

We know it cannot be any worse than what it seeks to replace.

There are limits to what can be done in the reconciliation process. The trade-off to getting to pass the bill with just 51 votes is that the legislation cannot be as comprehensive as legislation that is passed in ordinary process (non-reconciliation) and thereby requires 60 votes. That's just the reality.

Further, the shortcomings of this bill need not be permanent. Much better to use it as a start and make necessary changes seriatim, in short, focused bills that the publican can understand and support.

I worry that if Republicans do not pass repeal and replace quickly, all the promises and campaign pledges of the past seven years will doom the party. We are out of time on this as a party.

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