Monday, August 31, 2009

C-J Disses Its Token Conservative

One would think that the Courier-Journal would be proud of the praise that John David Dyche has received for his new book, Republican Leader, A Political Biography of Senator Mitch McConnell. Dyche, after all, is a C-J columnist; his success reflects back on the paper for having the good sense to run his column.

Yet the C-J has failed to review the book, even though stores have been selling it for months. Perhaps the C-J is boycotting mention of the book because Dyche's biography flatters McConnell; the paper would no doubt give glowing reviews if the book skewered McConnell.

The C-J also failed to report that Dyche appeared on the Sean Hannity show. A native son gets flattering coverage on one of the highest rated television programs in the nation, and the C-J writes . . . nothing.

For years, Dyche's brilliant column has allowed the Courier-Journal editorial staff to feign an openness to opposing viewpoints. Conservatives knew it was a sham, of course. Still, Dyche has given the paper cover, and for the paper to not cover him shows that its hatred of all things conservative transcends even common courtesy and Kentucky pride.


Jake said...

Hey Bridget,

Are any of the Elephants planning on attending the Yarmouth Show down at Central High School? Is there any place I can go (on line) to see where people are planning to congregate (and more important) when? Doors open at 5 pm tomorrow, but I expect we'll need to be there earlier... is 4 too late?

You know Yarmouth is going to have the deck stacked, so we should try to get some folks in.

Bridget M. Bush said...

Alas, the right wing conspiracy is not organized enough to have a meeting spot. I guess we'll have to meet on the astroturf!