Monday, August 10, 2009

Where's John?

Attended a rally today at John Yarmuth's office (well, not quite, it was in the park in front of the building that John's office is in. That was as close as we could get). The rally was organized by the American Small Business Partnership, a new grassroots organization of concerned business owners and citizens that are deeply concerned about certain proposed legislation, specifically Healthcare Reform and Cap & Trade legislation.

There were at least 100 people there, with many creative posters and signs. I did not see a single swastika and there were no Brooks Brothers suits (well, maybe one, but it looked more like a Jos. Banks to me) The crowd seemed like a fairly good cross section of America, men and women, children to grandmothers and grandfathers. Various folks voiced their concerns to the several media types present and it was a very civil and disciplined crowd.

Of course, no one expected to see John Yarmuth. He has caught considerable flak for not having any public, in person meetings, but we can really blame him? Did you ever have one of those nightmares where you showed up for a final exam and you suddenly realized that you had never attended the class or done any of the homework? John must feel that way. Like most of his peers, he has not read HR 3200 and has no idea what is really in it. If he did, he would be happy to meet with his constituents to answer their questions and to show off his deep and detailed knowledge of the plan.

This ill-conceived and disastrous Healthcare Reform plan was cobbled together in the hope that it could be foisted on the American people before they could figure out what the real agenda was, i.e. another Big Government power and pocketbook grab. Well, the American people are figuring it out. In rallies like this, and in many others like it across the country, people are making it known that they think it stinks. The only stimulus the current bill will provide is to undertakers and bankruptcy attorneys!

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Sandy Knauer said...

Was the lady with the lone star flag there? She's my favorite of that group since, to me, she does such a bang-up job of reflecting their collective intelligence on the topic of health care reform.