Thursday, December 10, 2009

Former Louisvillian Saves Girl From Stabbing

Former Louisville resident Ken Schulz saved a 16 year-old girl's life in his new hometown of Anchorage, AK. Schulz, a UPS pilot who recently relocated to Alaska, was cross-country skiing at noon when he saw a teenage boy and girl behind a high school. The boy, a Junior, appeared to be punching the girl. As Schulz got closer, however, he saw that the boy was repeatedly stabbing the girl.

Schulz kicked the assailant, who then threatened Schulz with a knife and then fled. Schulz called the police.

According to the Alaska Daily News, while the nearby school remained on lock-down, police used dogs and helicopters to chase the boy for an hour before capturing and arresting him.

The boy had lured the girl behind the girl behind the school by promising to give her a silver ring. This is what comes of schools failing to teach Odysseus; the girl should have known to beware of jerks bearing gifts.

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