Friday, December 11, 2009

Tiger Beat

As Tiger Woods's mistresses scurry about for fallen crumbs like cock roaches in a dirty kitchen, two questions remain.

First, why did Tiger not have a separate, secret phone for calling his babes? This is standard practice among professional athletes of his, uh, propensities. Moreover, as the AT&T spokesman, he probably could have procured said phone for free. Not that money is an issue for Tiger.

Second question. Sportswriters who have traveled with Tiger have (privately) said for years that he has a girl in every town, lots of hookers and cocktail waitresses. So why has no Louisville mistress stepped forward? He played Valhalla, but is that all he played in Kentucky?

Are we really to believe that after winning the PGA Championship at Valhalla in 2000 Tiger didn't go celebrate? Perhaps Kentucky women don't kiss and tell.

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