Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Bill Johnson Quits Senate Race

Bill Johnson has quit the Republican primary for U.S. Senate. (H/t: Page One.) He had self-financed his campaign and the poll numbers were not good.

Whom does this help? Some of the Tea Partiers argued that Johnson was more authentically Tea Partiesh than Rand Paul. Will they settle for Paul now that Johnson is no longer an option? There was some real animosity between the Johnson and Paul campaigns on who best represented the spirit of the Tea Parties.

On the other hand, Johnson -- Gulf War veteran -- was stronger on national security than Paul. Grayson should pick up some Johnson supporters on that issue alone.


Support Rand Paul 2010 said...

I think the evidence points towards this helping Rand Paul.

The Public Policy Polling poll showed Paul leading Grayson by 19 points. Johnson was not included.

The recent Magellan Strategies poll had Paul leading Grayson by 21 points. Again, Johnson was not included.

The recent SurveyUSA poll, however, did include Johnson and had Johnson at 5% and Paul's lead over Grayson at 15 points.

Sue said...

As a fervent Johnson supporter, I can assure 'SupportRandPaul2010' that nothing has changed. I continue to think poorly of Rand and his entire campaign. Over and over again Rand Paul has proven himself to be an arrogant eletist, and in lock step with his father's ideologies, in spite of how it sounds. I have been observing him long enough now to have seen for myeself many of his flip-flops on issues.

So don't count on those numbers holding in the next 9 weeks!