Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Rand Paul Reneges On Promise To Debate

Rand Paul apparently thinks he has better things to do than to debate Trey Grayson. The Metropolitan Republican Women’s Club (of Louisville), an affiliate member of the Kentucky Federation of Republican Women, today announced that Paul has pulled out of a Public Forum on March 17 in which he was to appear with Grayson. The event had taken on special significance since KET will not be televising a debate this year.
According to Club President Julie Hinson, Paul's campaign manager confirmed on December 21 that Paul would participate in the MRWC Public Forum in Louisville. President Hinson then followed this discussion with a detailed letter dated February 18, 2010. She not only mailed this letter to Paul headquarters, but hand delivered it to the candidate at the Jefferson County Lincoln Dinner. She spoke with Paul personally and he never gave any indication whatsoever that he would not attend.
Hinson commented that Paul's "withdrawal at this late date is unfathomable. To withdraw just 13 days prior to the event while dedicated volunteers labored and expenses were incurred is unacceptable. Our expenses include among other things hall rental, insurance, and printing. These are not insignificant. I had fliers advertising the event printed that can now not be used.”
Hinson added: “Let me assure you that this event will go forward with or without Candidate Paul. His absence will obviously not go unnoticed. KFRW is a strong force statewide in electing Republican candidates at all levels and has played an important role for over 50 years. Women voters are a majority of the electorate, and we are saddened by Candidate Paul’s failure to recognize our entire organization’s importance in the election process. It is our hope that once he considers the opportunity that he is conceding to his opponents, that he will standby his original commitment and appear."

So Candidate Paul, what do you have to say?
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