Monday, February 21, 2011

Assault Upon The Working Class

Thousands have been marching in the streets of Madison, Wisconsin this week to protest the Governor's proposed legislation to reduce healthcare and pension benefits and limit certain collective bargaining provisions for state workers.

The Left has labeled the legislation as an assault upon the working class. The term "working class" properly includes anyone that works, people such as doctors and lawyers and hedge fund managers, but for the sake of argument we will go with the Left's twisted definition of the term which means only folks who work for someone else for moderate to low wages.

Most of the working class in this country does not work for the government, although they do pay the taxes that pay the salaries of government workers. The non-government working class should consider the protests against the proposed Wisconsin legislation as an assault upon THEM. Unusually favorable benefits for union government workers is an assault upon working class taxpayers.

Part of the proposed legislation in Wisconsin is to require that state workers increase their contributions for health insurance premiums to 12.6%, which is still far below the amount most non-governmental working class people pay. 12.6%! Wow. let us play our fiddles for these poor, beleaguered people. The non-governmental working class should be angry!

There is an assault upon the working class going on in Wisconsin. The non-governmental working class should be thankful there is.

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Mark said...

"Working class" most certainly does not include doctors, lawyers and hedge-fund mangers in any proper sense of the term! In the strictest proper sense, it's those without property who work for hourly wages in unskill or semiskilled occupations.