Tuesday, February 15, 2011

KY GOP Engages in More Silliness

A press release from the Kentucky House Republican Caucus announces

"Rep. Tim Moore, R-Elizabethtown (26th District) today announced the filing of House Bill 485, which if passed would direct any state, county or local government agency who determines that an illegal alien has been receiving any care, education, housing, incarceration, or treatment paid for by Kentucky tax dollars to persuade the Attorney General to seek reimbursement from the Federal government for those funds."

A couple of problems. First, until we elect Todd P'Pool as Attorney General, this is a non-starter. Jack Conway will not be "persuaded" or "encouraged" by this bill.

Secondly, the federal government is broke. Even if Kentucky's Attorney General seeks "reimbursement" from the federal government for funds used on illegal aliens in Kentucky, the federal government has no money with which to reimburse Kentucky.

This is not a serious bill. It's not even a very good political stunt. Might as well just seek funding from China.

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