Friday, February 11, 2011

V.P. Biden Speaks at McConnell Center

Vice President Joe Biden just finished speaking at the McConnell Center at University of Louisville, at the invitation of Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell

It was an outstanding speech in all respects: beautifully written, substantive and eloquently delivered. It was so shockingly good that many of us had no idea that Biden could give such a speech.

Not even Mubarek's departure from Egypt (which caused a quick revision to Biden's speech) could alter the grace of its delivery.

The thought that Biden obviously put into the speech was a real testament to his friendship with McConnell and desire to work together. McConnell has always maintained that divided government offers the best opportunity to address the most difficult issues with bipartisan compromises. Plainly, Biden shares this view.

McConnell's introduction of Biden was quite poignant, particularly in discussing Biden's efforts to overcome a bad stutter as a child and adolescent. At first, it reminded me of the Oscar-nominated movie, The King's Speech.

Upon further reflection, however, Biden's challenges overcome his speech impediment -- which took years of disciplined practice -- reminded me of McConnell's childhood battle with polio. The politics of these men could not be more different and yet so much of their character was similarly forged by the adversity they faced as children.

I will add photos and links later. Suffice to say that in all the talk of civility and bipartisanship, the genuineness of Biden's and McConnell's friendship was gratifying to see. The Vice President honored McConnell and the University of Louisville today, and I, for one, have a much different, much more favorable opinion of our Vice President as a result.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, sometimes grace abounds....