Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Election Results For Kentucky Primary

Tom Massie has won the Republican nomination for Kentucky's Fourth Congressional District. This is a big victory for Sen. Rand Paul, who not only endorsed Massie but has been all over the radio in campaign ads for him. In part, Paul's support for Massie reciprocated Massie's early support for Paul in his primary race against Trey Grayson.

But the Massie victory, in addition to showing Paul's increasing influence within the Republican party, also puts the lie to the media narrative that the Tea Party is dead. It is not.

The continued vibrancy of the Tea Party is bad news for Democrats -- as was President Obama's poor showing in the Kentucky Democratic primary. Obama won, but "uncommitted" baged 42 percent of the vote as of this writing. Is It worse to give away that many votes to "uncommitted" or to a felon?

In any event, Democrats will blame Obama's weak performance on racism: bitter Kentuckians clinging to guns and bibles. Or maybe he'll blame W.

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Derek Alexander said...

Bridget - Hope you are well. It is my opinion that Paul's influence mirrors that of the Tea Party. My point is that the OWS crowd have sucked all the 'media' oxygen from the room by simply doing nothing more that throwing a tempy-tantrom. The media eats it up and declares how wonderful their, ahem, movement is.

On the other side of the fence, both Paul and the Tea party, know that tempy-tamntroms don't accomplish much. The way to affect change is through the ballot box not anarchy. Further, this shows Paul's political maturity in that he is able to influence one congressional district here in Kentucky without defecating on a police car.

Similarly, the Tea Party (most noticeably Palin) are systematically influencing elections around the country all the while the OWS mob is still looking for a message not to mention an candidate.