Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Tape Leaked From Romney's Fundraiser at John Schnatter's Home

A new videotape, apparently made by cell phone, shows Mitt Romney complimenting Papa John's founder John Schnatter on his lovely home.  Oh, the horror of it!  Schnatter  hosted the fund-raiser for Romney at his Anchorage, KY home on April 19, 2012, and Romney thanked and complimented his host! Some would call this good manners; Democrats call it corporate fat cats acting elitist.

These are the same comments we knew that Romney made at Schnatter's fundraiser last month. There is no secret here - it's not like Romney was caught talking about bitter people in the hinterland clinging to their guns and religion. The only difference is that now we have video

Romney pointed out at the fundraiser that Democrats, in their never-ending invocation of class-warfare, would say that Schnatter shouldn't have such a nice home.  (One percent!  Pay your fair share!)

Yes, it is true. John Schnatter has a great home, and he opens it up for numerous events -- politicians from both parties, myriad charities and his community.

As Romney has often noted, John Schnatter is a self-made man.  He started delivering pizza out of his dorm-room in college. Romney is right:  John Schnatter is an American success story; he is proof of what America gives us the freedom to accomplish when we apply hard work and perseverance to a good idea.

Here's what the slime ball who took the undercover video forgot to videotape:  the boy scouts next door who sat outside to waive to Romney; the 70-year old woman who mowed her lawn just before Romney drove by, so that it would look nice; the Schnatter's neighbors who made signs and sat in lawn chairs to  cheer for Romney  as he drove by; and most importantly, the mother in the old car with the 2008 Obama sticker who took her son by the Schnatter's home to catch a glimpse of the next president.


Terri said...

"Yes, it is true. John Schnatter has a great home, and he opens it up for numerous events -- politicians from both parties, myriad charities and his community."

So he basically opens his home to the area affluent who are just like him. I'm not knocking his wealth or the fact that he lives in a house with a moat and underground car-wash, but it's not exactly honest to call him self-made or to say that he's some kind of extraordinarily wonderful person because he hosts other millionaires in his home. Then again, I can see you not wanting to speak poorly of your neighbor.

Bridget M. Bush said...

He truly is self-made; neither he nor his wife came from money. Sure, he hosts fundraisers that other millionaires attend. But he also gives millions the community. Take the trail he built that people from all over Jefferson and Oldham County come walk. Or the polar bear and gorilla exhibits at the Zoo.