Monday, May 21, 2012

Notre Dame, Catholic Dioceses, Sue Obama Administration

Today 40 Catholic dioceses, and Notre Dame University sued the Obama administration for violating the first amendment by requiring religious employers to pay for their employees'sterilizations, birth control and morning after pills.

The Obama administration surely knew this was coming.  But the onslaught of plaintiffs -- the preeminent Catholic university in America and 40 Catholic dioceses -- sets this up to be a well-litigated constitutional show-down.

Notre Dame sued in federal court for the Northern District of Indiana.  Cardinal Timothy Dolan sued for his diocese in the Southern District of New York.

In all, there are 12 different suits around the country -- and counting.   That should be enough to guarantee a circuit split, and another trip for the Obama administration to the Supreme Court.

With any luck, Paul Clemente has already been retained to serve on the side of the angels.

We will be following the briefing with great interest.

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