Monday, February 6, 2017

Why I Cheered For Tom Brady

Normally, I don't care much for professional football. This year, however, I cheered for Tom Brady and the Patriots because I was offended at the left's attempt to force Brady to disclaim his friendship with President Donald Trump. Likewise for the Patriot's owner, Robert Kraft.

An essential component of liberty is that people can be friends with whomever they choose. That's why freedom of association is included in the first amendment. It's entirely inappropriate, therefore, for the political correctness police to tell Brady and Kraft that they cannot be friends with Trump.

Good for Brady and Kraft for not succumbing to that pressure.

The irony is that if their relationship with Trump had been something other than platonic, the left would protest any interference with it as homophobic.  For some reason, the left extends a tolerance to sexual differences that it will not extend to ideological differences.

I don't know anything about Brady's or Kraft's politics. I don't take their friendship with Trump to necessarily endorse everything he says or does. Friends can agree to disagree, to keep certain subjects off the table.

That's becoming increasingly difficult to do, because when it comes to Trump, liberals are like a dog with a bone. They cannot let it go.

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Bill Burton said...

I read your piece on the women's march and agree completely. I am a transplanted Kentuckian (Henderson - currently living in Newburgh, IN) - also a former subscriber to CJ (back when the Bingham family owned and controlled it).

I invite you to visit my web log:
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I invite you to read it and any previous that may interest you. I will welcome any comments you care to make.

Bill Burton