Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Brett Guthrie Raises Big Bucks

State Senator Brett Guthrie raised more than $400,000 last quarter in his bid to replace Congressman Ron Lewis, who is retiring as Representative of the Second Congressional District.

Guthrie's campaign says that his FEC report "showed his campaign with $353,596.25 cash-on-hand. According to press accounts, that figure is more than the combined amount raised by both Democrats seeking their party’s nomination."

Guthrie's ability to raise that much money last quarter is all the more impressive given that because he filed January 29, he had could solicit contributions for only two of the three months in the quarter.

His campaign, according to Guthrie, will focus on on "lower taxes, affordable health care, and a national security policy that keeps us on offense against terrorists and protects our homeland.”

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