Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Fischer Responds (Heaven Help the Man)

This is what is known as the pot calling the kettle black. Greg Fischer -- who failed to file his financial disclosure form on time -- complains that Bruce Lunsford hasn't filed his form. In fact, Lunsford filed early (see post below).

So Team Fischer responds by shooting off an email criticizing Lunsford. I can't improve on Jake's take from Page One:

What does the Fischer campaign do hours after a story about Bruce’s disclosure being made public? They send out an email blast claiming that his report is missing. For real.

“Lunsford—in his third attempt at a political post, with an office staffed with Washington handlers—should know how to complete financial reports and where to send them,” said Fischer political director Kim Geveden. We’re just curious what has happened,” he said.

Seriously. Something stupid like this comes out of that campaign EVERY DAY. It never ends.

We're left wondering if Fischer actually pays his campaign staff to sabotage him, or whether Lunsford picks up the tab for all this hilarity.

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