Thursday, April 17, 2008

No Dem Left Behind

Democratic Senate Leader Harry Reid's has miscalculated again -- literally. Reid demonstrated his need for remedial math help Tuesday on the Senate floor. Roll Call describes Reid,

accompanied by a large made-for-C-SPAN sign propped up on an easel declaring that Republicans have mounted 65 filibusters this year. But wait — wasn't it just a while back that Reid was complaining of 72 GOP-led filibusters? Yep, it was. Back on Feb. 29, Reid was on the floor with a similar sign decrying 72 Republican f-bombs.

Roll Call has an explanation for Reid's conflicting numbers: "in the past month and a half, Republicans have launched negative-seven filibusters."

Democrats are fuming that Republicans caught Reid padding the numbers. According to Reid's spokesman, Jim Manley, "Republicans have found another way to waste valuable Senate time: semantics." Not "semantics," just plain old subtraction.

In any event, it was Reid who decided to strut around the Senate floor with his error-ridden poster. If Reid bothered to keep his numbers straight, there would be no need to correct him.

Meanwhile, Josh Holmes, a spokesman for Republican Senate Leader Mitch McConnell told Roll Call "we plan to consult the Senate historian to see if negative-seven filibusters is a record of some kind."

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