Saturday, April 26, 2008

WSJ on Kentucky Bourbon & Steaks

Kentucky made the Wall Street Journal twice today. The first article gives campaign advice, should Hillary and Barry decide to knock back a little Bourbon the next time they come begging for Kentucky votes. Eric Felten, who writes a regular column on cocktails, praises Buffalo Trace (good call) and Evan Williams Black Label.

It's not a bad column for a non-Kentuckian. But Mr. Felten seems confused about the origin of Bourbon, and attributes the start of the product in Kentucky to Evan Williams. He may have been one of the first, but he was not the first.

A Baptist preacher named Elijah Craig actually brought both the Baptist faith and Bourbon to Kentucky, in one of the most unlikely partnerships ever. His legacy lives on not only in the Elijah Craig Bourbon, still available, but in the historical marker located across the street from Jeff Ruby's Steakhouse. That brings me to WSJ- Kentucky connection number two.

The WSJ's second article is on "power tables where the business elite are eating" and features Jeff Ruby's Steakhouse. The print edition neglects to mention that exciting Derby-night moment when Jeff Ruby asked O.J. Simpson to leave, as the restaurant patrons applauded. The online version corrects that omission. My faith in the Journal is restored.

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