Friday, May 8, 2009

Bill Lamb Blasts Bunning

Fox 41's Bill Lamb minced no words last night regarding Sen. Jim Bunning. In Lamb's Point of View segment, he said that Bunning is "not a bad guy" but is a "bad politician." Bunning -- who recently refused to speak to a Fox 41 reporter, apparently because he's mad at Lamb -- is "clearly no longer a viable candidate."

Lamb dismissed Bunning's attempt to blame Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell for Bunning's central problem -- that he is unelectable. "In blaming just about everyone but himself for his political woes," Bunning "fails to see the real problem."

"While Sen. Bunning might not like what he's hearing, he would do well to listen to his critics instead of dismissing them as disloyal traitors."

Those who have publicly or privately told Bunning not to run are not traitors; they are trying to save him from the embarrassment of ending a distinguished career with a crushing loss. Friends speak the truth to one another, whether it's spinach on the teeth, toilet paper on the shoe or a reelection bid that has taken on the stench of certain defeat.

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