Thursday, May 14, 2009

Hold the Lawyer Jokes

Narcissism is alive and well in the legal profession. Take the U of L law school graduate who was outraged that Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell gave a commencement speech in which McConnell revealed that (gasp!) he holds conservative views on many issues.

Adam Jarboe, a 2009 graduate of University of Lousiville's Brandeis School of Law, took his liberal angst to the Courier-Journal, which dutifully printed it as a letter to the editor.

Not content to have a national figure -- who happens to be a U of L alum -- give a policy address at his commencement, Jarboe whines that McConnell did not pay adequate obeisance to the fact that the graduate had, well, graduated:

Graduation day was supposed to be my day. The day I worked toward for three painstaking years as I trudged through law school. The day was supposed to be about my accomplishments and those of my classmates. [Emphasis added.]

Or to paraphrase the nascent lawyer, "It's all about me, Me, ME!!!"

It is unclear why Jarboe "trudged through law school." This was the University of Louisville, not the University of Siberia. Perhaps he's a plodder. Or maybe trudging is a new phys ed initative to combat obesity. In any event, I hope he has a job, because most clients want the attorney who whizzed or skated through law school, not the guy who "trudged."

I'm gonna go out on a limb here and guess that Jarboe is no conservative:

It is very sad that our final memory of the law school experience boils down to a U.S. senator taking our day and turning it into a stump speech for the "NoBama" campaign as it dwindles further into irrelevance.

Clearly, Jarboe's problem was not that McConnell discussed issues of public import but rather that Jarboe does not like McConnell's positions . Doubtless he wishes that President Barack Obama was giving the commencement address at U of L instead of Notre Dame.

McConnell told the graduates, “Starting today, your life as a lawyer means a lifetime of tackling issues vital to our country. " Rather than resting on platitudes, McConnell gave specific examples of some of the most pressing legal issues of our time, including the role of a judge in upholding the rule of law:

The constitutional rights of foreign fighters, Guantanamo Bay, the role of a justice on the highest court in the land—these are serious issues. As lawyers, you will have the privilege of shaping them, as you launch your legal career.

And if that prospect makes you excited, thrilled, even a little nervous—congratulations. You’ve chosen the right profession.

McConnell's big failure, according to Jarboe, is that

he didn't bother congratulating us in any significant way or recognizing that our ideas are the key to the future. (Because, it's all about me, Me, ME!!!)

So congratulations, Jarboe. As soon as you pass the bar exam, you can call yourself "esquire," unless you feel that is too pretentious for a guy who "trudged through law school." You are about to learn that it is not about you. It's about the client.

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JoeGainesJD said...

Wow, I read your post and it astounds me. I am a graduate of the University of Louisville Law School class of 2009. I am a REPUBLICAN and I was appalled by McConnell's speech. I am rather intrigued by your comments regarding Mr. Jarboe's letter and Mr. Jarboe's "trudging" though law school. You know absolutely nothing about Mr. Jarboe. To imply that his clients are not going to want him as a lawyer or that he did not do well or try hard in law school because he used the word "trudging" makes me ROFLMAO. I hung out with Mr. Jarboe a few times outside of the law school but not on a regular basis. I liked Mr. Jarboe, but was not his best friend. I say this so when I discuss his character you don't assume that I am biased towards him. Mr. Jarboe did well in law school (I think that he was in the top 15 to 20% of the class, if not better). He seemed to be well prepared for class anytime he as called upon. He was a nice and caring gentleman outside of class as well. Jarboe is a liberal, but also a rational and logical thinker. You should learn facts about someone prior to making ad hominem attacks on them. That being said I must ask you, were you at the commencement speech? No, I didn't think so. I am a moderate thinker who never votes straight party. I do not know much about Mr. McConnell's background. I do know that he has helped out the University of Louisville a great extent. Nevertheless, his commencement speech was appalling. My parents are very staunch conservatives and they hated his speech. You have no idea what you are talking about when you choose to only give excerpts of McConnell's speech and act as if liberals were upset for no reason at all. For your information (again cause you WERE NOT at his speech) many people were angered or dismayed by his speech: Republicans, Democrats, Liberals, Moderates, gays, straights, dogs, cats, elephants, and donkeys. I am not necessarily suggesting that you cannot comment whether the speech was proper or not. I just know that you have your opinion and the people who were AT THE commencement have their opinions aw well. Nevertheless, you should know facts about people before you make ad hominem attacks on them. You clearly have no idea what you are talking about when you imply such things about Mr. Jarboe and when you suggest that Mr. McConnell's speech was proper.

Joseph D. Gaines
BA, Philosophy
BA, Humanities
MA Political Science
JD ... most important...
ATTENDEE of the commencement debacle