Friday, May 8, 2009

Keep Gitmo Detainees Out of Kentucky

The Obama Administration has not said what it will do with all the detainees after it closes the detention facility at Guantanamo Bay. The administration is not saying because it does not know. Plainly, the administration has no plan for where to put these thugs. Germany doesn't want them, and Saudi Arabia has refused them. (So much for the Obama World Appeasement Tour making America lovable again.)

Even Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid is complaining about the administration's lack of specific on where it will send the terrorists.

A state senator in Louisiana has introduced a resolution stating that Louisiana does not want the detainees.

Kentucky needs to do the same during the upcoming special session. All accounts of the overcrowding at the Fayette County jail suggest that we cannot even accommodate our home bred criminals. We don't need to supplement the population with jihadists.

Such a resolution is perhaps the only proactive thing our state legislature can do that won't require a single tax dollar. So let's make clear that if Obama wants to persist in his foolhardy plan to close Gitmo, we don't want these detainees in our backyard.

Update: France has agreed to take one (1) Gitmo detainee! I feel so much safer.

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