Wednesday, May 6, 2009

More Liberal Hypocrisy

For those whose hypocrisy meters did not explode over Secretary of the Treasury Tim Geithner announcing that he will crack down on tax cheats (other than himself), check out Sen. John Kerry's Congressional hearings.

It seems that when not wind surfing or injecting Botox, Kerry enjoys getting the print from dying newspapers all over his well-manicured hands. He's worried that the likes of the Boston Globe stand on the verge of bankruptcy because the little people no longer subscribe. He is on the case, according to Yahoo!:

Sen. John Kerry said Wednesday's hearing on the future of journalism comes as many papers falter and new ways of delivering information multiply by the day.

The Boston Globe in Kerry's home state of Massachusetts is the latest major paper facing the threat of closure unless it can cut costs.

Kerry said steps must be taken so the news media can stay diverse and independent.

"Diverse and independent" . . . wonder if Kerry will propose a newspaper bailout, with President Barack Obama as Editor-in-Chief. (Hey, he was president of the Harvard Law Review; he has more experience for E-i-C than for Commander-in-Chief).

If Kerry & Friends go the newspaper bailout route, our own Courier-Journal might find itself in the awkward position of urging Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell to seek an earmark.

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