Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Elephant in the Room Wore Boxers (and Explosives)

Remember Lenny Skutnik? President Ronald Reagan introduced Lenny Skutnik to America during his State of the Union. Stutnik was the hero who dove into the freezing Potomac River to rescue survivors of a plane crash. Since Skutnick, we have grown accustomed to the appearance or reference to a variety of people during the president's speech.

Skutnik, of course is a hero. But the individual on the minds of many is the Christmas Day bomber who tried to kill Americans on a plane bound for Detroit. Just as Skutnik represents the bravest, best sentiments of mankind, the Christmas bomber is his antithesis, a polar opposite who nonetheless requires the attention of the president.

To be sure, no one expected the president to invite the Christmas terrorist to sit with the First Lady; we don't want to interfere with his court-appointed defense. Still, the incident merited a little text. And yet Obama made only a passing reference to the terrorist or the inconvenient truth that there are those actively trying to kill us: "We are filling unacceptable gaps revealed by the failed Christmas attack, with better airline security and swifter action on our intelligence." That's it; that's all he said.

Republicans have been demanding answers all week as to who decided to give that terrorist his Miranda warning, including the right to a court-appointed attorney instead of interrogating him. Yet Obama acted as if his lovely Christmas vacation in the isles of Hawaii prevented him from recalling that those of us in the lower 48 were subject to an attempted terrorist attack on his watch.

There is a real villain in this non-fiction story, a Christmas bomber who exploited our lax national security and attempted to kill many Americans. And before he could ask for a potty break, we gave him a lawyer -- on the taxpayer's dime. (Query: if this was such a good call, why will no one in the Obama administration admit to making that call?)

Obama attempted in this State of the Union to shore up Democrats for election. He proffered some talking points, and yet no rebuttal to the demand of Senator-elect Scott Brown: our tax dollars should go to weapons to defeat terrorists, not lawyers to defend them.

Obama never attempted to rebut Brown's point. It seems the president is now taking political advice from . . . Martha Coakley?

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