Friday, January 8, 2010

Rasmusson Shows GOP Leading in Senate Race

A new Rasmusson poll shows that Kentucky voters prefer the Republicans -- Trey Grayson or Dr. Rand Paul -- to the Democrats -- whether the nominee is Jack Conway or Dan Mongiardo. That is, now matter who wins either primary, Republicans win the general.

For Republicans, the closest match-up would be Grayson v. Mongiardo; Grayson wins 44-37 and "some other candidate" gets 8 percent. The best margin for Republicans is Grayson v. Conway; Grayson wins 45-35.

Paul beats either Democrat by a slightly higher percentage than Grayson due to variable "some other candidate." Whereas Grayson beats Mongiardo 44-37, if Paul is the candidate, Republicans wins 49-35. Likewise, Grayson beats Conway 45-35 but Paul wins over Conway 46-38.

H/t: Joe Arnold

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