Monday, January 4, 2010

Rand Paul's Filing Speech

A supporter of Dr. Rand Paul forwarded a YouTube video of a ten-minute speech Paul gave at Republican headquarters a few days ago after he filed his papers to run for U.S. Senate. For anyone who has not heard Paul speak, it's worth watching to get the full measure of the man. There is no question that Paul is smart, articulate and conservative.

However, the speech may be more noteworthy for what Paul left unsaid.

Though the speech was given on December 30 -- just five days after the attempted Christmas terrorist attack -- Paul did not address that incident. Nor did he discuss foreign policy, homeland security, Islamofacism or Gitmo. These were curious omissions, given recent events.

Paul says the the Republican Party is is great party and he believes in it's platform. "It's not enough just to have an "R" next to your name unless you believe in something." Paul also identifies himself with the Tea Party Movement: ("We, the members of the Tea Party movement" have "come to take our government back.")

He is passionate about low taxes, an end to bailouts and earmarks, and limited government restrained by the constitution. He said that it is not enough for Congress, when enacting legislation, to just "cobble together a majority." "Where is the constitutional authority for what you are doing?" It's great rhetoric, but given the expansive interpretation of the commerce clause by the courts, it may be too late.

Paul is very upbeat about his campaign, notwithstanding several resignations of key staff recently. "We are well-funded, we're doing well in the polls." He says his polling shows him up 19 points. He described his volunteer resources as "limitless." "Our campaign moves with a momentum that astounds even myself."

Although he never attacked Trey Grayson by name, he had choice words for "career politicians" -- "middle of the road bland politicians, they just want the office" and think they are entitled to it for life. He called for terms limits and a balanced budget amendment.

Paul's criticism of big government, high taxes and deficit spending is well said, though not substantively different from Trey Grayson's positions on these same issues. But as Americans wonder if it is safe to fly home from the holidays, Paul needs to discuss the war on terror and foreign policy.

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Terri said...

Does the fact that he still wants to own your uterus make up for the fact that he's not so sure about involving ourselves in holy wars?