Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Lally Says Brown Win Is the Writing on Yarmuth's Wall

Republican Congressional candidate Todd Lally contends that Scott Brown's win in Massachusetts -- and Republican wins in the New Jersey and Virginia gubernatorial races -- show that Congressman John Yarmuth is vulnerable

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Cat Melton said...

I want to comment on Rep. Yarmuth's interview on Fox News this morning. He stated that the people of Kentucky want Congress to push ahead and pass the Health Care bill. As a Kentuckian, I cannot let that statement pass. I DO NOT want the Health Care bill to pass!!! I want to see our Congress back off this monstrosity and take the issues one at a time and fix them without pushing through a bill that takes away so much of our freedom and gives the government so much authority over the lives of the American people.
I am a Kentucky resident, from the 4th district.