Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Oh, The Irony

Bernard J. Kunkel has written me a letter to inform me that Trey Grayson was spawned by the devil. It includes pictures of Trey along side (different pictures) of Bill Clinton, Al Gore and Van Jones. Apparently Jack the Ripper and the Joker were unavailable.

I particularly enjoyed the passage about Van Jones. Writes Mr. Kunkel,

"You remember Van Jones. He was Obama's green czar who was forced to resign in shame after Fox news [sic] revealed that he was an avowed socialist and a 9/11 truther."

"The crowd Trey Grayson runs with on this issue should be troubling to Republicans."

The letter is paid for "by Rand Paul for U.S. Senate."

It fails to note that the Legacy Candidate's father, Ron Paul, said that "they [the Islamofascists] are attackers because we are occupiers." Paul the Younger is trying gently to distance himself from Paul the Elder, but he did run around the country giving speeches on behalf of his father's two failed presidential campaigns, and has said he agrees with his father on "most issues."

Rand Paul's campaign is banking on this congruity of viewpoint -- literally. That's why Rand has been able to draw upon Ron Paul's out-of-state Internet base upon which to throw "money bombs."

If there is a "truther" in the Kentucky Republican primary for U.S. Senate, it is not Trey Grayson.

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