Monday, May 17, 2010

Rand For President?

Glad to know that Rand Paul's ego has survived the campaign thus far. Paul tells Joe Arnold that he wants to be a "national leader" and refused to rule out a run for president. As my kids would say, "Dude, seriously?"

Joe pressed Paul on what will happen to Kentucky before Paul can overhaul the "system" in Washington. The implication is that unless or until Paul can fulfill his promise to end earmarks, all the federal money that has been flowing to Kentucky will now go to New Jersey or where ever.

As Joe writes,

That system is the framework for the success of Kentucky's senior senator, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) to bring home the bacon for the Bluegrass State. Kentucky is a net importer of federal dollars, due in part to McConnell's seniority and influence. It's a system that Paul says he will work to abolish.

. . .

And for those voters who are dubious about Paul's or any politician's ability to change the system, the question begged to be asked, "If the system is the way that it is, and you can't have that effect there, in the interim then, what are you willing to give up for Kentucky?"

"If the system remains as it is," Paul sighed, "And we have to acknowledge that before we get started in the election, before I win anything that the system will not change? Then I wouldn't run for office.

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