Saturday, June 19, 2010

Kelley Paul Defends Rand

Rand Paul's wife Kelley has made an ad to take on the media for being mean to Rand about forming his own opthamaologist board (of which Kelly is vice president).

Jake at Page One says it reminds him of a hostage video. I think it looks like one of those commercials that try to ape Desperate Housewives.

In any event, the ad suggests that the Paul campaign, despite the turnover of personnel, is still not ready for Prime Time. The video was poorly produced. The camera work was worse than amateurish (there's this new technology called the zoom in: use it). The audio contained the repetitious noise of shuffling cue cards. And the cue cards apparently were held so high above the camera that poor Mrs. Paul looked heavenward the whole time, which made a weird ad even weirder.

Even more basic, however, was the decision to run the ad in the first place. It has only prolonged a story that would quickly die otherwise. It made the Pauls look like whiners. And it didn't exactly enhance Rand Paul's looming masculine presence to send his wife out to fight for him.

Not a good showing for the GOP nominee.

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