Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Tipper and Al Gore Call it Quits

Tipper and Al Gore announced that they will separate, according to Politico.

And thus ends one of the most obnoxious supposed romances in political history. Remember how Al Gore claimed that he and Tipper inspired the novel and movie Love Story ? It was a little disturbing that he chose to misappropriate a story-line in which the wife dies, but whatever.

Then there was that dramatic make-out scene on stage at the Democratic National Convention. Yick. It was one of the most gruesome public displays of affection ever, worse than when Pamela Anderson made out with Kid Rock in the Derby paddock.

It was altogether fitting, given that Al Gore invented the Internet, that the Gores announced their break-up via email.


Anonymous said...

Not good. Soon he will be cruising with Bill looking for the ladies.

Terri said...

Married for 40 years? Sounds like it was a good run to me. Or do you just stay married b/c you're supposed to?