Monday, June 28, 2010

McConnell Helps Rand Paul Money Bomb

Sen. Republican Leader Mitch McConnell has sent an email blast to encourage Republicans to donate to Rand Paul's money bomb today.

Paul, after beginning his campaign with a series of gaffes, has shown the discipline to control his message. He is no longer running as a gadfly but rather as a serious contender who wants to win.

Here's McConnell's pitch on Paul's behalf:

The out of control tax and spend policies of the radical left in Washington MUST be stopped.

As Republican leader, I'm doing my best to lead the charge against these frightening proposals. And it seems like it's one thing after the other - Government run health care, trillion dollar deficits, tax hikes, and massive "stimulus" bills that do little more than plunge us further into debt.

We're doing our best to stop some of the worst of it in the U.S. Senate.

But I'm going to need a lot more help to really take the fight to the opposition, and stop their out of control spending and power grabs.

That's why I'm writing you this note today about a candidate I urge you to support.

I need Dr. Rand Paul in the Senate. It's just that simple. You can support his one day moneyblast by following this link.

I know I can count on Rand to do something very important -- stand up for conservative values in Washington. Rand Paul has built his exciting campaign on the goals of limiting the size and power of government, and standing up against those who would promote out of control tax and spending.

I can't think of a better advocate for those principles.

Unfortunately as so often happens, his success frightens those who think a Big Government Agenda is a good idea. You have probably noticed that Rand now finds himself as one of the left's biggest targets. Big Labor, Trial Lawyers and wealthy special interests from across the country are pouring money into efforts to stop him from getting to Washington.

I urge you to help Rand Paul fight back, and have the resources necessary to get the job done.

Rand's grassroots supporters are having a moneyblast, TODAY -- Monday, June 28. Please consider supporting that one-day fundraising event with your most generous contribution.

I'm supporting Rand Paul, and I hope you will too. The stakes are so high this year, and Rand Paul can help get America back on track.

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