Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Is Obama Another Tricky Dicky?

Camille Paglia hits the nail (i.e., the White House) on the head in her commentary today on, among other things, the Obama administration's sophomoric taunts of Rush Limbaugh:

The orchestrated attack on radio host Rush Limbaugh, which has made the White House look like an oafish bunch of drunken frat boys. I returned from carnival in Brazil (more on that shortly) to find the Limbaugh affair in full flower. Has the administration gone mad? This entire fracas was set off by the president himself, who lowered his office by targeting a private citizen by name. Limbaugh had every right to counterattack, which he did with gusto. Why have so many Democrats abandoned the hallowed principle of free speech? Limbaugh, like our own liberal culture hero Lenny Bruce, is a professional commentator who can be as rude and crude as he wants.

Meanwhile, Rush is laughing all the way to the bank. For Obama to get so defensive about a radio show host suggests an insecurity in the Oval Office not seen since the days of Richard Nixon's enemies list.

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