Monday, March 30, 2009

Why Does President Obama Fear People Expressing Their Opinions?

There is a YouTube video going around representing Thomas Payne and his concern about our Republic as he envisioned it. The video was requesting that if you agreed with the concept of the video to send a "Tea Bag" to your representatives and the White House.

Not wanting to create a large problem but to express my concern I sent a picture of a tea bag to both the president and my representative.

Well it looks as if the YouTube video and people sending tea bags might have started something. Bob Basso, the creator of the YouTube, reportedly has been summoned to the White House to discuss the subject matter of the short films. You can read the story and view both his videos at this link.

I am amazed that the most powerful man in this world is concerned about the likes of this YouTube guy and Rush Limbaugh. I would think the President would be more concerned about things like; the economy, Afghanistan, Russian, North Korea, you know, important stuff, not just people expressing their opinions.

Why is he so concerned?

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