Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Spend, Baby, Spend!

The Obama administration is spending our money so fast that it cannot even keep track of it all. Consequently, 122 federal programs get to double dip by receiving money from both the Stimulus package and the Omnibus appropriation legislation.

This is exactly what Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell warned of at his press conference last month, when he said. “Back in January, I suggested to the Democratic leadership that we take up the omnibus appropriation bill first. And I did that because I wanted to make sure that we were not engaged in duplicate spending when we finally went to the stimulus.”

For example the National Endowment of the Arts received $50 million in the Stimulus bill and $155 million in the Omnibus. Now that Obama wants to kill charitable giving by taking the deduction away from the people who do all the giving, he will make the arts completely dependant on the government; these millions are the first (and second) installment.

There's also duplicate spending for grants for community organizations like ACORN -- $1 billion in the Stimulus and $3.9 billion in the Omnibus.

Likewise, the National Institute for Standards and Technology gets to double dip -- $220 million in Stimulus and $472 million in the Omnibus. Maybe they'll finally get us switched to the metric system.

Fish and Wildlife are suffering from the recession, as more Americans are forced to eat what they kill. So the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service gets $165 million in Stimulus and $1.14 billion in the Omnibus.

Note the pattern. The Omnibus bill not only duplicates the Stimulus package, it magnifies it. The Omnibus appropriation bill is the Stimulus package on steroids.

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