Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Tea, Anyone?

"Tea parties" patterned after the Boston Tea Party are springing up across the nation as voters manifest their disgust with the Obama Administration's profligate spending of our tax dollars.

Last weekend, four thousand people protested federal spending at the Cincinatti tea party. (Check out the Instapundit's pictures.) This Saturday, Lexington gets its own tea party, hosted by WLAP, the Club For Growth and the Bluegrass Institute. The fun starts at noon at the Fayette County Courthouse.

It's a decentralized movement that has caught on by virtue of the power of its message rather than any organizational force, as David Vickers writes:

The American tea party movement bears more resemblance to a rolling block party than a unified organized movement or cause. And that’s precisely why I love it. These people are nice. They’re smart. They come from all walks of life. And they’re sincere. I’ve met hard-hat wearing construction managers, accountants, school teachers, the unemployed, retirees, even the nicest anarchist couple who are worried about their kids’ futures.

And the numbers of protests and protesters continue to stagger, from the consistent low hundreds to the thousands — in all types of political and meteorological climates.

This broad spread outrage with the Obama Administration's spending contrasts with the fake grassroots support that Team Obama is trying to impose from the top down by reactivating its campaign apparatus. So desperate is Obama to gin up support for his budget that he even has called upon to help.

Millions of campaign supporters are receiving e-mails urging them to call members of Congress. Groups allied with the White House are running ads scorning the president's foes. States that were closely contested in the 2008 election are again getting visits from Obama.

While he's in road-trip mode, Obama should take the time to visit one of the tea parties. He'd realize that Rush Limbaugh is not the leader of the Republican Party; John Galt is. And all those women swooning --it's not over Barry's abs, but rather the size of the deficit.

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