Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Is Kentucky So Bad For Love?

The Daily Beast has ranked 104 U.S. cities for the likelihood of finding love, and Louisville comes up short: number 92. Long Beach, CA is number one. Lexington is dead last.

Louisville scored a "C" for the ratio of singles, a "D" for social life (restaurants and over 21 spots), an "F" for emotional health (based on a Gallup happiness survey), an "F" for marriage, measured as the percentage of people who married in 2008 as a percentage of the overall marriage-aged population. The bright spot: Louisville scored a "B" for the divorce ratio.

So although Louisville may not be a great place to find a mate for life, it appears to be a good place to keep one, if you already have one.

Louisville's "romantic hot spot" is supposedly Lilly's. (Really? I would have guessed Porcini's. Plainly the Daily Beast did not ask Rick Pitino.)

Lexington fared even worse: last place, number 104. Lexington scored in "F" for singles, social life, emotional health and marriage. Yet Lexington scored an A+ for divorce. The Lexington hot spot is supposedly Arirang Garden.

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