Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Missing Endorsement

Trey Grayson released the names of seven members of the Metro Louisville Council who have endorsed his candidacy for U.S. Senate. Hal Heiner is absent from the list:

Jon Ackerson (District 18)
Ken Fleming (District 7)
Kevin Kramer (District 11)
Kelly Downard (District 16)
Glen Stuckel (District 17)
Stuart Benson (District 20)
James Peden (District 23)


BigT said...

Heiner I can understand. He's running for Mayor and doesn't want to rock the boat either way.

Doug Hawkins, 25th District and Robin Engel, 22nd District are also missing from the list.

BigT said...

Heiner is running for Mayor and I can understand him not wanting to rock the boat either way.

Also missing are Doug Hawkins (District 25) and Robin Engel (District 22).