Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Oh, Please Come Here!!

President Barack Obama is embarking on what the Washington Times has dubbed the Save the Senate Tour.

Stops include Nevada, where Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid will sit ashen, holding his breath to see if Obama makes another crack about how we can't spend federal money like we're in Las Vegas.

And Obama will go to Colorado to campaign for Sen. Michael Bennett, who would lose to any of the Republican primary candidates if the election were held today.

To break up the trip out west -- and because he neglected us so during the presidential election -- it is only fitting that Obama come to Kentucky.

It's true that we don't know who will be the Democratic nominee for our U.S. Senate seat. No matter. Obama can come raise money for the state committee and let both Jack Conway and Dan Mongiardo appear on stage with him. They can all stand together and sing Kumbaya about unity to Progressive Ideals or whatever.

The photo ops would make a nice addition to the campaign ads. For the Republican nominee, that is.

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