Friday, February 5, 2010

Kentucky Residents # 20 in Looks

The Daily Beast has decreed that Kentucky ranks 20th in terms of the attractiveness of our residents. D.C. is supposedly number one.

Here's how they crunched the numbers:

First, we determined who had the most stunners-per-capita (allowing Connecticut and California an equal playing field), tallying the hometowns of more than 300 male and female fashion models, plus 125 men mentioned in 10 years' worth of People's "Sexiest Man Alive" issues. Then, we accounted for the results of the Miss America and Miss USA pageants for the past decade. Finally, in order to measure general attractiveness, we factored in health and fitness data for each state from 2006-2008, ranked by the Trust for America's Health. Each of those three criteria—models, pageant winners, fitness—was weighed equally, with any ties broken by which state performed best in the latter category.

Using that framework, Kentucky's model rating is 18th. Our pageant ranking is 8th. But what killed us is our fitness ranking: 45th.

Hit the gym, people!

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