Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Rand Fires Back

Dr. Rand Paul has issued a press release complaining that Trey Grayson is smearing him;

As one-time anointed front-runner Trey Grayson's Senate campaign continues its rapid decline, he has thrown wild and increasingly desperate accusations at leading conservative Republican candidate Rand Paul.

In a statement Monday, the Grayson camp insinuated that Dr. Paul lied about receiving the endorsement of former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin. The endorsement, of course, was subsequently confirmed by Governor Palin via her spokesperson and independent media outlets across the country. The Grayson campaign has also issued recent statements falsely calling Dr. Paul “pro choice” despite Rand’s endorsement from Concerned Women for America, the preeminent national women’s organization for conservative, pro-family values. Also, Rand has expressed his clear, 100 percent pro-life platform many times in speeches, in the media, and on his website,

“The Grayson campaign's false rhetoric is simply ridiculous. Their wild accusations have cost them their credibility,” said campaign manager David Adams. “Rand Paul is the candidate of choice for conservative Republicans, the Tea Parties, and constitutionalists. We look forward to building on our tremendous momentum to send Rand to Washington to restore the faith of Kentucky's voters.”

“It’s sad but clear what Grayson’s strategy will be for the rest of the primary: lame, false attacks and desperate accusations that simply won’t stick,” Adams said. “Rand Paul is the conservative in this race, period. His long and growing list of supporters proves it.”

Sarah Palin’s endorsement is another major success in a long list of achievements for the Paul campaign. Rand was recently identified as one of the five most important candidates to support by Dick Armey, Freedom Works and the National Tea Party Movement. He has also received endorsements from Concerned Women for America, Gun Owners of America, National Right to Work, Steve Forbes and\

In point of fact, the Grayson never said that Paul had made up the Palin endorsement. Rather, Grayson's campaign expressed skepticism about the endorsement given that it came from the Paul campaign rather than Palin herself. Palin only clarified that she had endorsed Paul when mainstream media started asking her to confirm the endorsement.

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Capitalist said...

Palin couldn't announce she endorsed Rand Paul first, because she had no idea how his campaign would handle the endorsement. Surely, Nate Hodson has handled endorsements before.

Once you send someone a check you don't go out and tell the world I endorsed that person (Rand Paul). What if Rand Paul would have sent the check back to her? I've heard he has returned several big checks since his campaign started!

How old is Nate Hodson, because he sounds like he is 13 years old!

Also, why no mention of Dan Seum withdrawing his support of Trey Grayson, after Hodson released a press release saying he was endorsing Grayson? Hodson doesn't even have his own house in order and is questioning the Paul campaign over an endorsement!