Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Conway, Copy Cat

Jack Conway has announced that he, too, will launch a moneybomb -- just like Rand Paul. This is the point at which Ethel Merman sings "Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better."

Conway notes that Paul's latest money bomb fell short of its mark, raising $258,000 instead of his goal of $500,000. Note that Conway waited to replicate Paul's moneybomb until Paul launched one that was, relative to the others, a bust. In so doing, Conway lowered expectations and perhaps avoids unflattering comparisons.

Oddly, Conway felt constrained to explain the whole moneybomb concept to his supporters: "a single day where supporters from all over the state and the country make contributions in the same 24 hours." If Conway's supporters don't know what a moneybomb is at this point, they probably don't have a computer with which to contribute to his moneybomb.

And why couldn't Conway think of a different name other than "moneybomb"? Is he that unoriginal? Then again, Conway has not shown much originality on the issues, now that he supports extending the Bush tax cuts, loves coal and has never heard of Barack Obama.

With all the material Rand Paul has given Conway lately -- think Aqua Buddha -- the Conway campaign could have had some fun with this. Those folks take themselves so deadly seriously that they have no sense of humor.

Let's face it. Conservatives have cornered the rhetoric on anything related to war-making and military might. It's uncomfortable to watch a Democrat implore people to chip in for his own little bomb and try to explain the concept. Instead, Conway should have used the language with which progressives are most comfortable and simply asked for a bailout.

Perhaps the strangest thing about Conway's moneybomb is that he is asking for $5 contributions. It's not so much a moneybomb as amo for a bb gun. Plainly, he's looking for broad support, so a modest number makes sense in that regard. But $5? That's not enough to pay for a daily dose of styling gel for Jack's hair.

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